The first blog post from Week Parks

27. August 2011

This is somewhat experimental - mainly to see what the blog looks like once created. It's a breezy day in North Devon and our hilltop location means we're blown more than most. It's been a day of preparation for our next cottage renters, who hail from East Yorkshire and whose surname is the maiden name of an old family friend, so it will be interesting to see if there's any relation. The previous visitors left Barn Cottage very clean and tidy, which makes life a bit easier on changeover days.

The approach to the house now boasts two new signs, one to direct guests to the parking area and the other to warn people about our free range cats, who regularly appear unexpectedly from the barns.

The willow plantation appears to be flourishing having recovered from an assault by next door's sheep a few weeks ago - having been zapped on their last visit to the corner field, we had thought they would remember not to touch the electric fence, so it wasn't connected. Unfortunately they'd forgotten what the fence could do to them and barged through without shock to have a good chew on the willow until David arrived to persuade them it wasn't such a good idea.

The next job is one that has been deferred almost continually since we arrived here, which is to clear out the pond weed. Waders on and in we go - photos will no doubt appear very soon.