Spring into summer

04. May 2012

It’s been rather damp here of late – must be the drought everyone is talking about! The hens are beginning to think they are really ducks and have been practicing their quacking.

But with all this liquid sunshine the garden has been growing like crazy and the greenhouse is in full flow with seedlings ready for the veggie patch, so hopefully there will be lots of fresh veg available in the summer along with the delicious eggs from our girls. Actually, we’ve just picked up two new chicks, a Cream Legbar and a Lakenvelder – both really pretty.

Jacob lambs at Week Parks, North Devon

After a lot of research, I have finally decided to bring some Jacob sheep to Week Parks. They are lovely to look at, very hardy, have a good fleece and make good mums. I have 2 shearlings and 3 ewe lambs booked to arrive at the end of July/early August. I have never had sheep before so no doubt there will be a steep sheep learning curve ahead and we will have plenty of help (I hope!) from our neighbours.