Lambs have arrived

07. April 2013

Both ewes that went to see the Admiral in the autumn have now given birth and we have 3 lambs at Week Parks! The ewe lamb, named Berry in honour of some American friends visiting when she was born, is now 6 weeks old and getting quite big and brave!

The sheep have almost finished eating all the grass in the field they're in at the moment, so as soon as the two new arrivals are ready to come out of the barn, we'll move the flock into a different field.

Lambs at Week Parks Self Catering Holiday Accommodation, North Devon

Exactly 6 weeks to the hour since Berry arrived, our second ewe produced two ram lambs (the younger and smaller one is pictured left with his mum). They're both doing well and we couldn't be more pleased with our first attempt at lambing. Next year, hopefully, five expectant ewes will increase the number of sheep in the flock!